Ethnic Fashion Trends That Will Dominate In 2023

Ethnic Fashion Trends That Will Dominate In 2023

We’re stepping into 2023 with sanguinity, and fashion is quick to reflect the world’s celebratory mood. This time’s fashion trends lean further towards experimental styles and extravagant details, giving us plenitude to look forward to. In 2023, we will see many returning trends like jacket lehenga, sequin, and organza as well as entirely new fashion statements like colliding colors, attached dupattas, etc. Some styles like the love for pastels, ethnic block prints, and cut-out choli, which were extremely popular last year, will continue to dominate the ethnic fashion scenes.

Lehenga Trends

The flared lehenga skirt is a classic ethnic wear and will always stay in vogue but 2023 will give precedence to further experimental cuts. The other elements of the lehenga look like the choli, the dupatta, the Blouse, etc, all seem to be shifting a bit away from tradition. It seems, 2023 is concentrated on playing around with these rudiments to produce unique aesthetics in traditional outlines.

Monochromatic Lehenga and Pastels Tones

Monochrome looks, which is a single tone for all factors of the lehenga, are making a comeback. This year will also see a surge in monochrome lehengas in pastel tones. With Alia Bhatt opting for pastel tones on her wedding attires, this trend is here to stay. Pastel Colors work beautifully in creating matte, understated, subtle, and more contemporary looks in Indian weddings, and millennial ladies won’t hesitate to ditch the traditional reds and maroons.


Saree Trends

In the case of sarees, major factors that are governing the 2023 trends are the love for regional flavor and handicrafts like block printing, embroidery, tie-and-dye, Stone work, etc, experimental components, and an affinity towards light, translucent, or sheer textures.

Sarees with Quirky Tops and Printed Organza Sarees

2023 will see quirky tops being paired with sarees instead of traditional cholis. These include crop tops, full-length tops, short kurtas, tube, and halter neck blouses, etc. There’s a thing about pairing a western top with a traditional Indian saree that’s veritably striking but it needs to be carried with good confidence.

A saree is fully pleated and paired with a neutral, preferably single-tone choli and an ornate belt is placed above the waist. This can be done with embellished sarees and blouses as well as single-tone non-embellished sarees, but the belt should not look out of place.

Organza is a very classy fabric which had been quite out of vogue for a few years now. But this year is all about combination looks and Indo western styles and organza sarees do have that rich, affluent look and a bit of erstwhile European grace. Lighter tones, less or no embellishment, and printed motifs, the kind of sarees sophisticated ladies wore to watch polo matches, with their huge sunglasses and vintage pearls.


Trends for Bridesmaids or Wedding Guests

Fusion ethnic wear and tear will surely be a trend in 2023 and bridesmaids and marriage guests can reap benefits from the styles that are arising.

Mix-and-Match Lehenga and The Trail

Mix-and-match concepts were not in trend in the last few years, but this year the style is expected to come back. Bridesmaids can pair a tie-up shirt top with their lehenga skirts or an ornate choli with a long skirt which tends to give a unique look, the more creative you are the better you can flaunt this style.

A trail is an extension of the fabric of a long dress or a lehenga. Inspired by western fashion, it adds just an essential bit of something like drama to any ordinary lehenga or dress. It’s a great option for any evening party, dinner, wedding, etc.

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