Fashion Trends Making Their Way Back Into Your Closet

Fashion Trends Making Their Way Back Into Your Closet

Fashion Trends Making Their Way Back Into Your Closet

The warm weather is upon us, and that means there are more trends to try out this spring! It also means that we get to take full advantage of the opportunity to layer and play with colors and prints. We all know that adding colors and accessories to an outfit can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and if you add sunlight to that — it’s like a slice of heaven. Getting dressed to do the most mundane of tasks is my love language, and my second love language is sharing that with others. So, if there are some things you’re thinking of getting rid of, maybe this list of trends can help you repurpose those items.

Take a look below at some trends you might want to add to the “try this” rotation.

Business Back To Casual

Ties have never really gone out of style, as they are a functional accessory in the professional world, but they haven’t really been the most trendy since the early 2000s in terms of fashion. Now, they are back to play and can really go with so many outfit ideas that can still be seen as casual. A loose button-down and oversized blazer, along with a tie, sounds super formal but, in reality, can just be a good girl’s night out look if you’re not feeling that tight dress. Look through your boyfriend or dad’s throwaways of ties that he’s not loving anymore and make them your own.


Florals may not be the most groundbreaking, but they sure are stylish. They can come in a plethora of prints and silhouettes that are chic and sophisticated as they are fun. If you don’t want to do a full floral look (like the one below), try a floral skirt with a white or black tank top and a hat for a beach look, or for a more going-out look, try a floral cowl neck top with a black satin skirt. Don’t let the word florals scare you; trust me, it’s really cute.

Cobalt Blue 

Our favorite rich auntie Tracee Ellis Ross wears the trend beautifully. Cobalt blue is such a rich color that brightens up any room and sometimes any mood. A saturated blue like this goes against deeper skin tones so well, and if you’re not one to do a monochromatic look (see below), try it in more subtle ways, like in a sweater, shoes, or even accessories like a hat.


I haven’t seen ombré this much since the early 2010s, and it’s so refreshing to see the trend in an even more modern way. Influencer Skyler Mashai wears the trend in a blend of colors in a dress, but you can wear it in a denim jacket, jumpsuit, t-shirt, jeans, or pants. The options are endless, with so many possible color combinations.