Fashion trends to help you stay cool and classy this spring | Culture

Fashion trends to help you stay cool and classy this spring | Culture

With spring just around the corner, it’s time for the fashion industry to release new seasonal trends.

Baggy jeans

Gen Z has been leaning more toward the skinny jeans style for a long time, but not this spring. Loose-fitting jeans are starting to triumph after years of hiding behind those tight pants. They’re comfortable, breathable and not as constricting on one’s legs. Loose-fitting jeans can be found at department stores like Belk or Kohl’s


While blazers are usually associated with business attire or formalwear, now it’s time to dress it down. Blazers come in many colors and styles. People can put them over a plain shirt or button-down to look professional. One can also wear a blazer with a t-shirt to add a little edge to the look. Blazers are sold mainly at department stores or places like H&M.

Maxi skirt

This is a common trend for the in-between seasons since it covers one’s legs from the cold breeze. Maxi skirts are great for wanting to stay warm with a feminine touch. Some can be paired with a plain shirt and some look good with a T-shirt. Maxi skirts can be found at stores like Target, Walmart, H&M or Old Navy.

Drop waist dress

Spring’s usually the time when girls will start bringing out sundresses and shorter skirts. This season, several designers chose to experiment and bring the idea of a drop-waist dress to the forefront of the fashion industry. The silhouette is a fitted top half followed by a flowy, loose skirt. This type of dress would be perfect for meeting friends for lunch, having an afternoon picnic or just wearing it on a nice day. People can find these dresses at stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.


Sequins are a great go-to if one wants to add some excitement to their outfit. Sequin clothing is usually associated with partying or going out, so most sequin items are designed for those occasions. It’s a fun trend and something that adds a little sparkle to a look. Sequin clothing is available at stores like H&M.

Sheer clothing

To continue with the night-out theme, sheer clothing is another style that’s made the spring fashion list. Sheer is a little explicit because of how revealing this material can be, but turning it into a cute style can be simple. If one chooses a sheer top, a matching tank top underneath will work. It’s a fun trend for parties that’s a little sexier than sequins. Some can find this at stores like H&M.

Ballet flats

Many women think heels are the most stylish shoes that are perfect for many situations. However, spring 2023 marks when flats are more trendy. This is a more comfortable trend as well because heels aren’t always the easiest shoes to walk in. Ballet flats are fashionable, professional, good for work and easy to walk in. They’re also a simple find in stores like Belk and Target.

Athleisure for men

While there have been a lot of popular styles, athleisure is becoming a trend for guys. Whether it’s a whole athletic suit or just some track pants and a T-shirt, it’s a comfortable and casual look for guys that’s easy to find. One can purchase men’s athleisure at stores like Kohl’s, Target and Walmart.

Polka dots

One of the most joyful patterns is an incoming trend, especially for college students. Polka dots are classic and come in different colors, sizes and styles. It brings a preppy and sophisticated yet fun and unique style to any outfit. They come in all types of clothing and accessories. It’s a great pattern to have for spring.

Less is more

In past years, outgoing patterns and crazy looks were the things in the fashion world. This season, minimalism is the go-to style. It could include a plain shirt with jeans, a skirt and top or a monochromatic outfit. This is a simple trend and great for those who want to stay in style but not over the top.

Detailed denim

Detailed denim is a trend pointed out by many publications like Vogue. The idea is that it’s a piece of denim clothing that has an interesting design, pattern or statement that’s also denim. An example would be a denim jacket with multiple buttons. It’s a fun trend and is an interesting twist on bringing denim into the fashion spotlight. These types of clothing items can be found at stores like Old Navy and Rue 21.

Statement earrings

For those who wear earrings, it’s time to go bold. Wearing chunky and fun statement earrings is a good way to show off your jewelry style. Whether it’s a pair of big hoops or a unique dangle design, this is the season for earring lovers.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are having a major comeback now since they were also a trend in the fall. They’re comfortable, unique and practical. They go with any shirt and come in many colors. One can find them at H&M or Target.

Now that winter is fading away, it’s time to rearrange one’s wardrobe and bring out the spring styles.

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