Keep an eye out for this year’s spring fashion trends | Life and Arts

Keep an eye out for this year’s spring fashion trends | Life and Arts

With spring right around the corner, there’s no better time to introduce the latest fashion trends. From timeless to sustainable, there are plenty of looks guaranteed to fit all aesthetics.


It’s true, Western fashion is in and leather is the latest fad. A chic leather jacket and flashy leather pants are sure to make a statement this season. While this trend may be one of the more expensive styles on the list, leather is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Popstar Dua Lipa, NBA All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and model Bella Hadid are just a few of the stars rocking leather this season. While both Lipa and Hadid chose subtle, oversized leather jackets, Gilgeous-Alexander went head-to-toe leather and finished the look off with cowboy boots and a belt buckle.

Bright colors

Although spring is full of color, it’s usually known for its pastels and lighter tones. 2023 however, is all about bold and vibrant colors. Shades such as neon, magenta and violet are taking the upcoming season by storm.

Actress Kerry Washington recently attended Paris Fashion Week in a matching lime green mini skirt and sweater. Paris stayed stylish as soccer star Alex Morgan attended last week’s FIFA Women’s Awards in a hot pink, recycled cargo outfit.

Adidas Sambas

Looking for a new sneaker this spring? Adidas Sambas are not only in style; they’re full of color. Although sneaker prices have grown tremendously in recent years, Adidas has marketed its collection between $65 and $130. In comparison to other sneakers, Sambas are not only a stylish choice for the spring — they’re also affordable.

From Harry Styles to Emma Chamberlain, celebrities have shown the sneaker can be worn on any occasion. During his “Love on Tour” shows, Styles matches Sambas with colorful, eye-catching outfits. Chamberlain on the other hand often keeps it tame and classy as she wore her Sambas while walking the streets of Paris.


From the runway to the beach, this 70’s inspired trend has re-entered the fashion conversation. In 2022, crocheting hats, tops, dresses and even swimsuits showed that crocheting is more than just a hobby. Need a last-minute spring break outfit? The crochet style is an easy and vibrant look perfect for a getaway.

One of the world’s biggest celebrities, Rihanna, has frequently been photographed in various crochet dresses. Whether at a beach or a high-end restaurant, Rihanna has made the look a spring must-have.


Regardless of the occasion, blazers have entered the season as one of the top looks for the spring. Whether it be a classy look for a night out on the town or a good first impression in an interview, blazers are the way to go. Because blazers are a popular, highly produced product, prices may vary.

Actress Jennifer Aniston and model Kaia Gerber each recently hit the town wearing flashy blazers. However, they both kept it casual as they paired the jackets with jeans and a white tee.

Everything denim

As vintage clothing grows in popularity, denim clothing has found yet another way to stay trendy. Currently, low-rise, wide-leg and boot-cut jeans are dominating the market, along with denim mini skirts. Although many of the trends such as the low rise and wide leg can be a bit intimidating, trying out different styles is a perfect way to get creative and build confidence. Many of today’s denim manufacturers have centered their brands around sustainability and eco-friendly products, making this trend even more enticing.

Artists SZA and A$AP Rocky are both embracing the “baggy” look this season as Rocky wore wide-leg jeans to the Super Bowl and SZA donned oversized overalls in a recent photoshoot.

Cargo pants and shorts

Denim not your style? Don’t worry, the cargo look is a 2000’s inspired trend perfect for those searching for an alternative option. Whether it be pants or shorts, both looks are in-style and an excellent vintage choice. A few of Cincinnati’s finest vintage stores are sure to have their fair share of cargo looks in stock.

Socialite Kim Kardashian and actor Pedro Pascal are both channeling their “inner 2000s” as they recently wore oversized cargo pants.

While these are all excellent choices, it’s important everyone feels comfortable in their own clothes. The main theme for this season’s latest fashion trends is all about being bold and creative. Fashion is a great way to express oneself as trends allow us to be inspired and find our own sense of style. As warmer weather approaches and the wardrobes shift don’t forget to take a chance on the latest looks.