Lash Lift 101: Prep, Process, Care, Cost, & More

Lash Lift 101: Prep, Process, Care, Cost, & More

I’m a LMBQ—an acronym I just made up that stands for Low-Maintenance Beauty Queen, though I do think it should be a thing. I want minimal effort and maximum results. I don’t want to spend a few hours each morning transforming into a glowing goddess, though no disrespect to all the Cassie from Euphoria’s out there who love a good self-care beauty ritual. Everyone has their own personal routines, but I just prefer mine to be short!

This is why I’m here to tell you about my favorite minimal-effort beauty treatment: Lash lifts. I have naturally stick-straight, heavy lashes that do not cooperate with an eyelash curler for more than 20 minutes before drooping back to their natural state. Lash lifts are like a perm for your eyelashes. And if you love a lazy girl beauty routine get ready to toss out your eyelash curler and mascara, because this treatment eliminates the need for both.

Lash lifts are the perfect lazy girl beauty treatment for summer, in my humble opinion. You don’t have to worry about mascara melting down your face or having your lashes wilt an hour after curling them with an eyelash curler. I’ve been getting lash lifts for several years and have gone everywhere from high-end salons to places offering Groupon deals—I’m here to tell you everything you need to know.


The Lash Lift Investment

The cost of a lash lift will vary depending on your state and how much your specialist is charging for their skill. I’ve seen lash lifts cost anywhere from $25 to $200. And, yes, I have gotten a $25 Groupon lash lift before and I’ll just say this—I’d rather pay more for skill and comfort! I’ve also had someone over-process my lashes before, and it leaves them looking frazzled and messy.

Lash lifts can last 4-8 weeks. Mine usually last at least 6 weeks. To be honest, I’m not a fan of wearing mascara, so lengthening and darkening my lashes via a lash lift is what I prefer. I also like looking rejuvenated and awake without having to rely on makeup. And unfortunately, my lashes don’t love staying curled with eyelash curlers, so this allows the end result to not only hold but to look natural and shorten my makeup routine. This treatment may not be worth it to you, and that’s okay too!


The Lash Lift Process

Before Treatment

First and foremost, you’re going to want to seek out a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, or barber. You want to make sure your specialist is deeply informed about this entire process as they’re the ones applying the lifting solution to your eyelashes. I’ll say it again: Always, always, always ensure you’re going to a licensed professional.

Before your treatment, you’ll discuss what you’re looking to achieve, what type of lashes you naturally have, and aftercare. Your specialist should also walk you through the entire process so you know what to expect.

Some things to note before your treatment:

  • Do not wear eye makeup.
  • Do not wear waterproof eyeliner or mascara a week before your treatment.
  • Make sure the eye area is clean.
  • Shower beforehand—I’ll get to this in a sec.
  • Avoid wearing contacts.


During Treatment

Overall, a lash lift can take about an hour. A lash lift and tint can take around an hour and a half. Here’s what goes down during the treatment:

  • Your specialist will place a rod on your eyelid near your lashes, then use a lash glue to curl them against the rod in a gentle “C” shape.
  • They’ll apply the lifting solution to your lashes.
    Once the lifting solution has permeated, they’ll apply a conditioning solution.
  • If you choose to add a tint, they’ll do this last.
  • Finally, they’ll clean your lashes and use a gentle fan to dry them.
  • You’ll see the final result!

The entire process is relaxing. You get to lie down for a short beauty rest while they get to work. They’ll ask you to not open your eyes during the process. This is to avoid getting any solution into your eyes. The end result always leaves me looking more refreshed and awake, which I personally love.


The Results

If your lashes are like mine, your end result will likely go from stick-straight to gorgeous, soft C-curve lashes that don’t droop or fall flat. I love feeling and looking like I seem more awake and rejuvenated afterward, and I often find I don’t need to rely on any eye makeup because they already look refreshed.

There are a few downsides to lash lifts. They don’t last forever, unfortunately, as your lashes will grow, fall out, and experience new growth within an average of a six-week cycle. You also don’t want your specialist to over-process your lashes, because it will leave them damaged, frail, and frazzled. To avoid this, make sure you seek out an expert esthetician in your area. Finally, some clients with skin sensitivities may experience redness, rash, or inflammation. Be sure to address your concerns with your specialist beforehand so they can perform a patch test to monitor irritation.



There are a few important things you need to note about aftercare, which I’ll list here.

  • You cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours. This is why I mentioned showering before your treatment!
  • Avoid eye makeup and any type of serums or oils in the eye area for 48 hours after treatment. You won’t want to use mascara anyway, tbh!
  • Condition your lashes with a tiny bit of castor oil 48 hours after treatment. This helps strengthen and condition them post-treatment. I also like using castor oil up until a few days before my treatment because it helps lengthen my lashes too, so I get a really dramatic result post lash lift.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and sleeping on your side or stomach to ensure your lashes continue to look nice.
  • Use a tiny lash brush to separate your lashes every morning and evening.


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