Which Eagles player shares your fashion style?

Which Eagles player shares your fashion style?

When it arrives to design and style, are you a Jalen or a Fletcher? Does your eye gravitate toward bold fashionista risks or would you rather blend into a crowd? Would you relatively linen or leather-based?

As aspect of our Eagles Arcade package deal, we’re likely to enable you figure this out — in a fully non-scientific, totally meant-to-be-silly way.

Here’s our identity quiz to gauge your own fashion in opposition to some of our favourite Philadelphia Eagles dressers.

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As you solution the queries, maintain keep track of of if you answered generally A’s, B’s, C’s or D’s. At the conclude of the quiz, we’ll support you tabulate your score.

1. How would you best explain your personalized model?

A. Glam

B. Snug

C. Sophisticated

D. Room Cowboy

2. What shirt would you seize very first on an average day?

A. Designer T-Shirt

B. Cutoff shirt

C. Linen button down

D. Denim chambray shirt

3. What’s your go-to shoe?

A. Jordan 1′s

B. Flip-flops

C. A minimal-prime avenue sneaker

D. Cowboy boots

4. What journal would you most likely subscribe to for fashion strategies?


B. Men’s Wellbeing

C. Esquire

D. Rolling Stone

5. You know you’re heading to be photographed right now. What do you put on?

A. Statement moto jacket, trousers, and elevated sneakers

B. Vibrant poncho that will get everyone’s consideration

C. Metallic go well with and loafers

D. Gown like Elvis and exhibit as much seen upper body hair as attainable

6. What variety of jewellery do you gravitate toward?

A. Chunky assertion parts, generally silver

B. I never genuinely use jewelry

C. Layered chains, probably a more substantial medallion on one particular of them

D. A giant gold Snickers chain

7. What is your preferred accent?

A. Road-style headwear like a ball cap or trucker hat

B. A beanie or father hat

C. A wonderful wristwatch

D. Aviator sunglasses

Come across your final scores down below:

Remaining Scores

If you got mostly A’s: Your style style is like Jalen Hurts. You gravitate towards elevated streetwear and have a keen consideration to depth.

If you got largely B’s: Your trend style is like Jason Kelce. You prioritize comfort and ease above the most up-to-date traits, but you even now know how to have a very good time.

If you bought typically C’s: Your style style is like Fletcher Cox. You are up on the most current trends, but you also know that a wise-fitting suit will never ever go out of model — and you use loads of them.

If you bought generally D’s: Your trend style is like Gardner Minshew. Dresses are a different medium for self-expression and wow, you have a whole lot to express! You’re by no means frightened to split the mould and go a minimal above the best.